About Celadna Castle

The castle used to stand near Celadna village, in the North-Eastern part of the Czech Republic, on a hill called Kozinec, 658 meters above sea level. It used to guard Moravia – Hungary trade route. Its history remains mysterious, however, we know the castle existed for only about 150 years (from 13th to 15th century). The village under the hill provided supplies (food, trade goods) and also people who maintained the castle.

The castle was probably established by a vassal named Gerlach, who got the castle from the Olomouc Bishop Detrich in 1299. It was built of stone and wood. There were several ditches surrounding the castle, the largest one was located on the western side and protected the watchtower. The entrance gate with a drawbridge was located in the North of the castle. There were several wooden fortification units to protect the castle. Inside the defense walls, there were two towers connected by stone walls. There was also a wooden barn for grain and supplies.

In the 15th century, the castle was attacked by Hussite troops and it lost its defense function. It was abandoned later and local people used the stone for building their own houses. Today, only very little remains of the castle exist: pieces of ceramics, nails, arrows and one buckle.

If you want to see the place where the castle was located, go from Celadna to Podolanky. In a mountain pass Tisnava, cross Celadenka river (follow the red—marked tourist path) and you will see the Kozinec hill right in front of you.

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Celadna Castle 2
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