Let us offer you 3D-printed models of castles and chateaux which you already know as cut-assemble models.

We are gradually going to convert most of your models into 3D prints.

We offer most of your models in the basic color called “vanilla white,” but we are able to print these in other colors upon request as well – see the table below.

However, printing takes time, so please be aware that it may take several days to weeks to make these and to be delivered to you.

Zvíkov Castle

New model Zvíkov Castle created by 3D printing. The model size is 117 mm (length) x 114 mm (width) x 35 mm (height). Printed in scale 1:2000 in the basic color (vanilla white). For change of color, see the color chart and let us know in message (there is a message tab in the process of ordering).

NOTE: When ordering a larger number of pieces, the waiting time may be up to several weeks, depending of the amount of printing.

Zvíkov Castle
3D Print - Zvíkov Castle 1
Zvíkov Castle
3D Print - Zvíkov Castle 2
Zvíkov Castle
3D Print - Zvíkov Castle 3
Zvíkov Castle
3D Print - Zvíkov Castle 4

Color Chart

You can order in our e-shop.


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