History of Studénka Chateau

The castle complex is located in Studénka village and consists of the Old Chateau, New Chateau, park with remains of the original medieval stronghold, wall and gate.
The Old Chateau was built from a stronghold established by the Family of Fulstein, and served as the economic and administrative center of the local area. There was a brewery, granary, farm buildings and accommodation for the brewer. In 1722-1771, it was the seat of the Řeplínský z Berečka family. During their stay, the Old Chateau was re-built into a brewery and later into a distillery, which was open till 1932.
The representative seat (the New Chateau) was built in 1749-1762 by Kryštof Ondřej z Berečka. It was built as a two storey Baroque building. In 1771, the mansion was sold to the Mönnich family, then it was inherited by Anna Marie Tekla who gave it to her daughter Marie. In 1832, Marie married Earl Gebhard II Blücher of Wahlstatt – his family owned the chaeau till 20th Century.
Gebhard II had the chateau and its surroundings rebuilt in 1860-1863. The old farm buildings were demolished and a park was built instead. The chateau building was improved – a new extension was added to the main building, a new cylindrical tower with spiral staircase and a rectangular tower with its own little cylindrical tower were built. The frontage was improved and three triangular gables and also a cast iron balcony were added. The inner staircase was re-built as well. During the building works, one of the cylindrical tower and a part of the building crashed – this damage was paid by the building contractor Adolf Korompay.
The New Chateau served as a temporary seat for the Blücher family and as accommodation. It was owned by the Blücher family until 1936, when they sold it to Studenka municipality.
The New Castle consists of two connected objects. The first one is a rectangular, originally Baroque, later re-built in Neo-Gothic style, two-storey building with a symmetrical frontage. The façade is decorated with “Le bossage” – decorative elements resembling stone bricks and stone walls, and with pilasters (resembling pillars) “supporting” three gables – the one in the middle has two windows, a Blücher of Wahlstatt coat of arms, and their guiding principle “Vorwärts” – Forward. Above the main door, there is a cast iron balcony with two French windows. An extension with a gable decorated with spiral motives was built to the west wing, as well as a small staircase tower.
In the north-west part of the building, there is a large five– storeys tower with a decorated ledge, The tower has two gables and a tall roof. There is a small staircase tower between the big tower and the main building.
Recently, the chateau is owned by the village of Studénka. There is a train museum, library, Art school, ceremony hall and offices. The chateau is surrounded by a park with outer walls and a brick gateway built in 1866 with a wooden floor with a shingle roof and an iron gate.

Studenka Chateau
Studenka Chateau 01
Studenka Chateau
Studenka Chateau 02
Studenka Chateau
Studenka Chateau 03
Studenka Chateau
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Studenka Chateau
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