Which model shall I choose?

Of course, get the ones you like! However, you should also consider your skills level. If you are a beginner, we recommend to practice on easier models first – for example, try to assemble one of our smaller churches before you make a castle. If you want to purchase a model as a present and don´t know which one to pick, please contact us and we will help you.

How to assemble a paper model?

You need scissors, glue, a ruler, scalpel or a small knife, tweezers and a pin. If there is anything else you need, it is mentioned in the instructions (all our texts are written in both Czech and English language). Please read the instruction before you start assembling the model. Before you start cutting parts out, we recommend you to use a blunt knife or the blunt side of a scalpel to make gentle lines in those places where the model will be bent (follow the instructions and lines drawn in the model). Be careful not to cut through the paper! When you are finished, you can start cutting out and assembling the model. Work slowly and pay attention to details. In case you glue a larger area (for example terrain parts), let these dry so that you will put these on a hard, smooth surface (e.g. a table) and put a heavy object (a book) on them. This will prevent these parts from wrinkling and crooking.

What if I make a mistake when assembling a model?

DON´T PANIC! If you notice the mistake while the glue is still wet, use tweezers to remove the last assembled part. If the glue has gone dry meanwhile, do not try to tear that part out! Use sharp scalpel or knife to cut it out, then glue it again in the correct position. If this is not possible and you don´t know what to do, take a photo and sent it to us. We will try to help you. If it is just a small part of the model, we will try to send it to you in a pdf so that you can re-print and correct it. However, if it is a big part (for example a whole building), this is not possible, therefore do not continue assembling the model hoping it will fall together somehow.

What if I want to return a model I already purchased?

You can do so within two weeks after purchasing the model. You don´t have to explain why you are returning it (though we will be glad if you do so). You will send the model(-s) back to us and we will return the money to you. The returned model must not be damaged! In case you want to exchange a model for a different one (for example you received it as a present, but you already own this one), we can exchange these for you. Just contact us.

Can I return only one model in case I purchased more than one?

Yes, it is possible. Again, the model you return back to us must be undamaged. We will send the money back to you.

I want to have a custom model made by you.

We will be happy to make a model for you! We can make a model of your house, company, or even a large object – a castle, church, cathedral…also your car or truck. Again, you can contact us.
Please note – it takes one to three months to design a paper model, so contact us in advance.

What do you do with my personal data?

We keep your postal address, e-mail address and your phone number (in case you gave it to us). We need these to ship mail to you and to contact you via e-mail. We do not provide your personal data to any other person or company and we store them according to GDPR rules.

How do I place an order?

Click here or visit our e-shop and switch to English in the top-left corner. Click on a model you want to purchase and fill in how many pieces you want. Continue until you are satisfied with all the items you choose. When you are finished, click on “checkout” below a shopping cart in the upper right corner. You will see a tab with your purchase. Continue to “next step” and fill in your data. Click on “next step” which will get you into the Shipping and Payment section. Pick which way of postal service and way of payment you prefer. Fill in anti-spam check and confirm privacy/GDPR agreement. Click on “next step” and “Send your order.” Now, your order is finished. Within a few minutes, you will receive an e-mail with your order confirmation and bank or PayPal details.
In case of any troubles or questions, please contact us and we will assist you.

How can I pay?

You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal. You will receive bank details when you place an order.

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we send packages worldwide.

model When will I get my package?

We usually ship the next work day after you place your order.

Do you do wholesale trade?

Yes, we can provide very profitable prices for our business partners. Just contact us for a price list.

What is the postage?

The postage depends on the weight of the package. You are informed about the price of the postage when you are placing your order in the “Shipping and payment” section.

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