We create paper models design for companies, museums, or individuals. We can make a model of your house, company, church, castle, industrial object or a vehicle. These models can serve as your promotional item, a part of your portfolio, present for your customers or a wedding gift.

If you are interested in your desired building model design, or have any questions, please contact us.

model How do we make a paper model?

First of all, we need a project. We either pick one ourselves, or follow our clients´ requirements. For each project, we need documentation. This may include architectonic or technical drawings, maps, photos, drone videos, and our own measurements.

After this, we start designing the model in a 3D graphic program. This is a very slow and precise work which may take up to several weeks or, in case of difficult models with terrain parts, even several months. The result is a white 3D model.


The next step is to unfold the white model into parts. Into each unfolded part, we fill colors and textures, and add valves plus lines to suggest where to fold the model.


Now, our favorite part follows. We cut out and glue the model to check for details and make sure there are not mistakes. If there are any, we correct them. Then we make photos and use them to design the cover of the model. We write instructions and other texts in Czech and English, and make sure all details are correct. Finally, we send data to the printing house. A few weeks later, the model is finished.


The whole process can take several weeks, or even months.

We can adjust the models to your requirements, for example:

  • Pdf for your own print
  • Printed models with instructions in Czech and/or English
  • Cut-and-assemble models are delivered as A4 brochures
  • We can add any texts or pictures according to your wish (your logo, photos, any texts)
  • Adjusting the colors to your company´s colors
  • Buildings with their surroundings – lawns, benches, roads, parking lots etc.
  • The scale depends on our agreement.

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